APRIL 2021

Spring Rummage Sales

Warrensburg Rummage Sales are not being organized by the Friends of the Library this Spring but residents are encouraged to continue the tradition by having their sale on Friday, April 30 and Saturday, May 1. Maps will not be available so each location will need to post signs.

Speed Concerns

Since the weather is getting warmer and more people are outside, please watch your speed on Village streets. We are asking that you voluntarily slow down and watch for pedestrian or bicycle traffic along with children playing in the area. We don’t want to implement other restrictions, such as violations and we definitely don’t want to see anyone injured.

Also remember, not all children’s toys are to be in the streets and for the adults, golf carts/neighborhood vehicles must be registered with the Village.

Property check

Spring and warmer weather is also a good time to take inventory and inspect your property. Is there clean-up that could be done to make your home more appealing? Do you have things on your property which could be in violation of Village Code? We want to attract new residents and business to the Village and encourage everyone to do their part.

Corn Festival 2021

The Corn Festival will be here soon (July 22 – 24) and the committee is planning activities and entertainment for everyone. Stars Go Dim will be here Thursday night for Family night; Boy Band Review will be here Friday night; and Wreckers Whiskey on Saturday night.
Saturday will host the Car Show, Corn Hole Tournament, helicopter rides, and possibly a corn dog eating contest. Plus there will be plenty of Maddox Sweet Corn. More details will be posted as they are confirmed. Please make plans to attend and support this unique event for Warrensburg.

This isn’t your “Welcome to Warrensburg” sign like you wanted but at least it’s a street sign!!!

Corey Maloney’s service in the capacity of Village President/Mayor will be coming to a close on May 3 when a new Village President/Mayor will be sworn in. Corey has faithfully served the Village of Warrensburg for the last 8 years and we are grateful for his many efforts to move the Village forward. We know this will most likely not be the end of your service to Warrensburg or Macon County. We also know that whatever you tackle next, you will give 110%.
Thank you for all you and your family have done (and will continue to do) for the residents of the Village.

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