Town Clean-up Day

Do you have things on your property which could be in violation of Village Code? Is there clean-up that could be done to make your home more appealing? We want to attract new residents & businesses to the Village and encourage everyone to do their part.
The Village & Illini Township are sponsoring a clean-up day on Saturday, August 7 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.
This is limited to Illini Township residents only (which includes Warrensburg).
Items can be brought to the Illini Township location at 177 S. Washington by using the entrance to the fenced area off of Lincoln St and exiting onto Washington.
Items which are NOT accepted are: Tires – Liquid Paint – Batteries – Appliances – Yard Waste – Hazardous materials (gas, oil, solvents) – Electronics – Concrete – Large car parts.
In addition to the clean-up day, residents are encouraged to do other things, such as: pick up items you see in the road, ditch, that blow onto your property, that someone drops, etc. Everyone can help.

August 14, 2021 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Vaccination: $18.00
Registration: $15.00 for altered/$50.00 for unaltered
Wyckles Corner – 4417 W Main, Decatur IL Northgate Pet Clinic
Hickory Point Firehouse – 450 S Smith, Forsyth IL Fairview Animal Hospital
Oreana Firehouse – 101 E South St, Oreana IL Pawsitively Pets
Long Creek Township – 7020 E Church St, Decatur IL Bel Aire Clinic
Macon Firehouse – 231 Front St, Macon IL Eldorado Animal Hospital

Corn Festival 2021

The 2021 Warrensburg Corn Festival is completed and in the history books.
And what a successful festival we had this year!!
From more & new food and merchandise vendors; corn; more local organizations stepping up to not only volunteer their time during the festival but to organize & handle some of the events; 5K run/walk; enjoyable musical performances; lots of sweet corn; golf ball drop from the helicopter; inflatables; more sweet corn; First Responder’s night; nice hot Illinois weather; a pop-up shower or 2; kiddie tractor pull, miniature ponies; did we mention sweet corn?? How about corn dogs; corn nuggets; popcorn; caramel corn; corn hole tournament; Something Corny parade; shirts with corn; corn shoes; corn shucking; corn decorated cookies & corn stalks?
Congratulations to Chad Calhoun who had the winning golf ball for the 50/50 Golf Ball drop.
Congratulations also goes to the winners of the parade judging:
1st place to Performance Welding
2nd place to FFA Alumni
3rd place to Murray Zaske
There were other contests throughout the weekend such as corn shucking, kiddie tractor pull, the car show, corn hole tournament, etc. While we are not aware of the winners of each of those contests at this time, we certainly want to congratulate them along with all who participated in the events.
The biggest THANK YOU goes to everyone who endured the weather to attend the festival and support the many vendors.
Please let us know how we did by either commenting on our Facebook page, stop by the Village Hall with your feedback, or attend the next festival meeting on August 5, 6:00 pm at the Village Hall.
The 2022 Corn Festival will be held in July with specific dates to be determined. Make plans to attend or better yet, become a committee member or festival volunteer. Many hands make light work!!

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