Please remember the School Zone Speed limit is 20 m.p.h. when school is in session. (Village code 705-32)
Drivers – please be observant and use caution.
Students – please remember to look both ways before crossing any street and use a crosswalk when possible.
It’s illegal to pass a school bus with it’s stop arm out. This applies to traffic in all directions (Village code 705-44)

Several persons have asked when the Fall Rummage sales would be. This is normally organized and published by the Friends of the Barclay Public Library. Due to circumstances, they have decided not to organize it this fall. So, talk with your friends and neighbors and coordinate a date with each other. The weekend it would normally be held is September 24 & 25……just a suggestion.

Just another reminder that “It shall be unlawful for anyone to permit any weeds, grass or plants, other than trees, bushes or flowers to grow to a height exceeding one foot (12”) anywhere in the Village.
(Village Code 972-6)

The curfew in the Village for any person under 15 years of age is 10:00 p.m.
For those 15 – 17 years old, the curfew is 11:00 p.m. Sunday – Thursday
and 12:00 midnight Friday & Saturday.
(Village code 1311-1)

(Village Code 905-13)
It shall be the duty of the owners and occupants of every house in the Village to have placed thereon, in a place visible from the street, figures at least three inches high, showing the number of the house.
Not only is this per Village code, it will also assist First Responders.

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