September 2022

Fall is almost here!
You know the Fall season is close when it’s time for staff, teachers and students to return to school.
Be mindful of the extra traffic, both pedestrian and walking, and allow yourselves a few extra minutes to get where you need to go.

It’s also fall harvest time. Be sure to yield to the combines, tractors, wagons, etc. They will move over as soon as safely possible to allow you to pass.

Fall Rummage Sale

The Friends of the Barclay Public Library have set the dates for the Fall Rummage Sale. It will be September 16 & 17. Be sure to stop by the Library & sign up to participate in order to have your location on the map. No Fee this fall.

Promise Land Ministries Porch Pantry

Promise Land Ministries have established a non-perishable food pantry on their front porch @ 168 E Main St. It is free and available for anyone to use. It is checked and restocked weekly. They will also accept donations for this ministry.

Apply for Financial Help to complete your unfinished college degree or vocational training.
Macon County adults: Need financial help to finish completing a two or four year degree, a master’s degree, or vocational training? The Community Foundation of Macon County is offering individual scholarship awards up to $2,500 per applicant to help fund spring semester 2023 expenses. Deadline to apply is Tuesday, November 1; apply at
Eligibility requirements:
Applicants must be Macon County residents aged 24 or older.
Applicants must demonstrate legal residency in Macon County for at least the past year.
Selected applicants may attend Richland Community College, Millikin University, or any other accredited college/university nationwide in person or online. In addition, applicants participating in Macon County union apprenticeship programs are eligible for adult scholarships to cover fees, books & equipment.
Applicants must have earned a high school diploma or GED and have a gap of at least three years before pursuing an associate degree or continuing with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. This must be reflected through transcripts.
Financial need is considered when determining aware recipients. Applicants must provide relevant financial documents.
Have questions about applying? Contact Kathy Carter at 217.220.1363 or 217.429.3000.

Current phone number

Is your phone number current with the Village of Warrensburg utility billing system? This number may be needed should you need to be contacted. Many of our residents still have a land line listed in our system and while this may actually be the case, you may also have a cell phone, which would be helpful in contacting you.

Some Village Code Fall reminders:
Plants & Weeds: Please remember to keep your lawns mowed and weeds removed. Not only is it part of the Village Code, it also helps control unwanted critters. This applies to your entire property. Avoid the notice & possible $150.00 fine.
House Numbers: Your house number should be at least 2″ tall and visible from the street. It make it much easier to locate your home, if necessary.
Burning of Yard Waste: It is only acceptable to burn yard waste, including but not limited to: tree trimmings, weeds, grass, yard trimmings, and crop residue. The burning of any garbage, waste, refuse, rubbish or substance of any kind other than landscape waste within the Village limits is hereby declared a nuisance and prohibited. Burning should only be done between 9:00 am and dusk AND when the wind wouldn’t cause an issue. Someone should also be nearby at all times. It is also recommended that yard waste NOT be burned in ditches. This can cause culverts to clog and not allow any rainwater to flow properly.

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